Friday, January 17, 2014

The Loving Tour Guide

Going to the Great Canyon? There are two guides there. They are of two very different types though. One is a very loving guide. Oh, sure, he loses a lot of people, but see, the thing is, he's loving. Also, I forgot to tell you, he is kind of money hungry. He charges a lot, but, once again, he is, oh so loving.

What about the other guide, you say? Forget him! All he cares about is a safe trip for his people, and of course, to tell them a bunch of facts about the canyon. Money? Strangely he doesn't charge anything at all, All he seems to care about is showing off the wonders of the canyon, and the safety of his people. Also, I hear this one doesn't have a degree!

My favorite guide, the loving one, has a PhD in False Geology. I could listen to him all day talk about the theories he learned in college. He even claims the Great Canyon is man-made. Isn't that fascinating?

I advise you to avoid the "Mr. Truth and Safety" guide. He shows his ignorance by saying his canyon was formed by the run off of a thing he calls The Great Flood of Noah's Day. Can you get any dumber than that?

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